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    Throw or not to throw away? What to do with the Christmas tree?

    Once Christmas is over, many Christmas trees end up in landfill sites. There are way more eco-friendly options than just throwing it away. 


    Planting a Christmas tree into the ground is only carried out in spring, but its acclimatization should start right after Christmas. A live Christmas tree should be placed in a pot or somewhere outside. One of the most important issues is to adjust the temperature. It means that at the beginning it is worth keeping the Christmas tree in a temporary place where the temperature is between 5-10°C like in a garage or cellar. A too-drastic change in temperature may have a negative influence on our trees. 

    Christmas tree collection 

    There is also a possibility to give the Christmas tree back during a post-Christmas event of collecting trees. There are more and more events like this in an increasing number of towns and cities.

    State Forests also remind you that Christmas trees can be managed after Christmas. There is no need to just throw them away. You can also visit nearby forestry or plantations and try to donate a tree there for replanting.

    Environmentally friendly Christmas tree

    If your Christmas tree did not have a root system or was not in a pot, you can dispose of it responsibly. Do not dispose of it anywhere or in a rubbish container. It is better to leave the Christmas tree in a rubbish shed. More and more towns and cities are setting up special collection points for “used” Christmas trees, which are then converted into environmentally friendly biofuel for heating homes and flats.

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