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    Today Poland celebrates National Animal Rights Day

    Today, 22 May, Poland celebrates National Animal Rights Day, a holiday dedicated to highlighting the importance of respect and protection for animals. It is an important event that focuses attention on the need to ensure a dignified life and respect for the rights of all living beings on our planet.

    National Animal Rights Day, celebrated by ecologists, refers to the adoption by the Sejm of the Animal Protection Act, which took place on May 22, 1997. The first article of this law emphasizes that an animal, being a living organism capable of experiencing suffering, cannot be treated as an object, and a human being has a moral obligation to respect, protect and care for it.

    National Animal Rights Day is an opportunity to reflect on our relationship with animals and to highlight the need to make changes for their welfare. In recent years there has been a growing public awareness of animal rights and the need to protect animals from suffering, exploitation and inhumane practices.

    There are many non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working to protect animals in Poland, fighting against illegal animal trafficking, violence against animals and lobbying for improved laws. National Animal Rights Day is an excellent opportunity to mention these organisations and recognise their hard work to change attitudes and legislation in the country.

    It is also important to highlight the education of the public about the responsible and ethical treatment of animals. We can all contribute to improving their fate by respecting their rights and promoting responsible practices, such as adopting from shelters instead of buying animals, taking care of their health and providing appropriate living conditions.

    National Animal Rights Day is also a moment to reflect on the impact of our actions on the environment and biodiversity. Respecting animals and their environment goes hand in hand with protecting the entire ecosystem, which is essential for the balance of life on Earth.

    It is worth remembering that animal rights are closely linked to our values, ethics and compassion. National Animal Rights Day is a reminder that as a society we have a moral obligation to protect and respect all forms of life on our planet.

    Let National Animal Rights Day be an opportunity to reflect and take concrete action to improve the living conditions of animals and promote respect for their rights. Let us remember that our four-legged friends deserve our love, care and respect, not only on this special day, but throughout the year.

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