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    Today Poles celebrate Grandma’s Day

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    Grandma’s Day is celebrated annually on January 21 in Poland. The day is widely celebrated across Poland, with children and adults giving their grandmothers small gifts, cards, and flowers. The day is usually marked by small events and celebrations at schools and kindergartens.

    For example, this year First Lady of Poland Agata Kornhauser-Duda visited preschoolers in Warsaw to watch the preparations for the celebration of Grandma and Grandpa Days. The meeting was also an opportunity to read together and chit-chat with kids.

    During the visit, the pre-schoolers eagerly recited poems (individually and in groups) and also sang out loud the songs that they learned to present at kindergarten’s special events for their grandparents.

    According to Wikipedia, Grandma’s Day in Poland was created by “Kobieta i Życie” magazine, in 1964. It began to grow in popularity the following year when the “Express Poznański” newspaper began to popularize the new holiday. A major source of inspiration for the holiday was Kazimierz Flieger.

    Then, the “Express Wieczorny” newspaper joined in the festivities and Grandma’s Day grew to become a popular holiday.

    This weekend is very important to every grandchildren in Poland. After Grandma’s Day on January 21, another special holiday takes place on January 22 – Grandpa’s Day.

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