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    Tomasz Sakiewicz: Dr Tusk and Mr Kołodziejczak

    The alliance of Tusk and Kolodziejczak comes as no surprise to me. If something is surprising, it is not the lack of consistency of people who presented themselves as something extremely opposite in the way and substance of politics, but the political risk taken by the PO (Civic Platform) chairman – writes Tomasz Sakiewicz in “Gazeta Polska Codziennie”.

    Kołodziejczak as a politician does not have much support in the countryside either. His strength was his ability to lower the support of the people he attacked. So that’s an official villain. As long as he attacked PiS (Law and Justice Party) from the position of a rebel (even if it was a grotesque version), he harmed the ruling camp. As a politician of the Party of European salons loses credibility, and for this he brings on board all the negative qualities of his activity. Adventurism, pro-Russianism, primitivism and aggression.

    Why would Tusk take such a risk? Maybe he had no choice.

    Kołodziejczak had probably already messed with the leader of the PO before, and when he broke up every coalition he joined, he was left with only a patron. Of course, perhaps after the defeat of the idea of one list, Tusk was so hungry for some agreement that even Kolodziejczak did not mind him. The problem is that Kołodziejczak is really the alter ego of the head of the PO. Idealess, vindictive, praising Putin, calling for political aggression… Which one? 

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