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    Tomasz Sakiewicz Supports Zygmunt Solorz’s Position. Statement from the Editor-in-Chief of TV Republika

    “We support the position of Mr. Zygmunt Solorz, the founder of Polsat Television, especially on issues concerning the threats to freedom of speech, which are accumulating at a pace we could not even anticipate in the darkest scenarios,” wrote Tomasz Sakiewicz, editor-in-chief of TV Republika, in a statement released today.

    Zygmunt Solorz, the founder and owner of Polsat Television, issued a statement today emphasizing that in times of war beyond the eastern border, “television broadcasters bear a special responsibility due to their informational role towards the whole society, informing it objectively and reliably.”

    “The challenges arising from the international situation require us – as news channel broadcasters – to present reality truthfully,” Solorz wrote.

    In his statement, the owner of Polsat highlighted that a great value of democratic society is the pluralism of media.

    “I fully respect freedom of speech and journalistic independence. However, these values cannot be used as a pretext for engaging in hate speech, inciting hostility towards each other, spreading xenophobic, racist views, violating the dignity of others, and leading to acts of aggression. Society should not be confronted with such content and has the right to demand journalism that is based on reliable and objective information, presented in a balanced and non-inflammatory manner,” wrote Zygmunt Solorz.

    Tomasz Sakiewicz, editor-in-chief of TV Republika, supported Solorz’s position.

    In his statement released today, he emphasized that he supports the position of the founder of Polsat “especially on issues concerning the threats to freedom of speech, which are accumulating at a pace we could not even anticipate in the darkest scenarios.”

    “Our community has always fought against all forms of extremism, especially anti-Semitism and racism, but also against any persecution of believers, which has intensified in recent years. Honestly showing reality without censorship is the best way to defuse social emotions. At the same time, we point out that no authority should interfere with the independence of the media,” reads Sakiewicz’s statement.

    He added that TV Republika “is a very important element of the pluralism of public debate.”

    “For this reason, it has become the target of an unprecedented attack today, which also spares not our advertisers. We hope that all the recipients of this letter will oppose such practices,” wrote Tomasz Sakiewicz.

    The letter – in addition to its main recipient, Zygmunt Solorz – was also addressed to Katarzyna Kieli, CEO of TVN; Michał Samul, a board member of TVN S.A.; Maciej Świrski, chairman of the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT); Krzysztof Czabański, chairman of the National Media Council; and Michał Adamczyk, president of TVP S.A.

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