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    Tragedy in Berlin: Polish Man Stabbed to Death, Perpetrator Released

    A tragic incident unfolded in Berlin’s Friedenau district on the early morning of April 14, when a 50-year-old Polish man, Piotr G., succumbed to stab wounds inflicted during a confrontation outside a local bar. The Berlin prosecutor’s office has sparked controversy by not detaining the suspect, citing potential self-defense.

    The Incident

    According to reports from, the altercation occurred outside a bar where Piotr G.’s young daughter worked. On the fateful night, she refused to serve a patron more alcohol, prompting the inebriated man to insult and strike her. Fearing for her safety, she called her father for assistance.

    Piotr G. arrived at the scene around 6 AM with his partner to confront the assailant. The confrontation turned deadly when the suspect, identified only as “Mehmet,” drew a knife and fatally stabbed Piotr G. Multiple wounds were inflicted, leading to Piotr’s death shortly after being transported to the hospital.

    The Berlin police managed to apprehend Mehmet after he sought medical help for a hand injury sustained during the altercation. The weapon used in the attack was recovered and is being analyzed for fingerprints and blood traces.

    Legal Controversy

    Despite the gravity of the situation, the Berlin prosecutor’s office decided against detaining Mehmet. The authorities suggested that the suspect might have acted in self-defense, a claim that has deeply upset the victim’s family. The police spokeswoman stated that the exact cause of the dispute remains unclear and confirmed that Mehmet, aged 32, was released after questioning.

    Piotr G.’s brother, Arkadiusz, expressed frustration over the decision. He recounted the events, highlighting that his brother approached the suspect unarmed, seeking an explanation for the assault on his daughter. Arkadiusz questioned the validity of the self-defense claim, emphasizing the discrepancy between his brother’s empty hands and the suspect’s weapon.

    Family’s Struggle and Consular Advice

    In the wake of the tragedy, Piotr G.’s family has struggled to gain a clear understanding of the investigation and their rights. None of the family members hold the status of a legal representative, which limits their access to case files and proceedings.

    Adding to their distress, the family received unexpected advice from the Polish consulate in Berlin. Arkadiusz’s common-law wife, who also serves as the family spokesperson, revealed that a consulate employee discouraged them from reporting the incident to Polish authorities or publicizing it in the media. The consulate suggested that such actions would be futile and potentially counterproductive.

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