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    Tragedy strikes as man in wheelchair dies after being towed by car

    A quiet village in the Borkowice municipality was shaken by a tragic incident when a 92-year-old man lost his life in a road accident on Monday. The victim, who was using a wheelchair, fell from his wheelchair while being towed by a car and succumbed to his injuries on the spot.

    According to preliminary investigations by the local police, the accident occurred in Ninkowo when a 72-year-old man, driving a Toyota, was towing a wheelchair-bound elderly man on a specially designed towbar attached to the car. The 92-year-old man was sitting in the wheelchair, and the driver intended to help him as his wheelchair had run out of power. Unfortunately, during the towing process, the elderly man fell off the wheelchair onto the road while negotiating a curve, leading to his tragic death.

    The incident was reported to the police by the duty officer of the local police unit in Przysucha. Upon arrival at the scene, the officers discovered the heart-wrenching sight of the elderly man lying lifeless on the road. Despite immediate attempts at resuscitation by the paramedics summoned to the location, the man could not be revived.

    The Przysucha law enforcement officials, under the supervision of the prosecution, are diligently investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident. The driver of the Toyota is cooperating with the authorities, providing his statement and assisting in the inquiry.

    The police have emphasized that according to Article 31 of the road traffic law, individuals using wheelchairs are considered pedestrians. All drivers must be aware of these regulations and exercise caution when sharing the road with pedestrians, including those with disabilities.

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