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    Tragedy Strikes in Trześcianka: Fatal Accident Involving Illegal Migrants Fleeing Border Control

    Eleven men were involved in a tragic car accident in the village of Trześcianka, Poland, with one person confirmed dead and several others injured. According to the police, the car was carrying illegal migrants who were attempting to flee from inspection.

    The road between Zabłudów and Hajnówka was closed due to the accident. The driver, suspected to be a foreigner from Uzbekistan, was observed by a border officer from the Narewka station. Suspecting that the car was carrying illegal immigrants, the officer began to track it. Several other officers from the Border Guard joined the pursuit, and when the driver attempted to escape, he collided with the police car and crashed his Toyota RAV4 with his passengers on board.

    The police and emergency services arrived at the scene, and the injured migrants were taken to nearby hospitals, but one person was pronounced dead. The accident site is currently under investigation, and the police are trying to understand the exact cause of the accident. The road has been blocked off between Zabłudów and Hajnówka, causing traffic chaos.

    This incident highlights the dangers of illegal immigration and the lengths to which some will go to avoid detection. The pursuit could have been avoided if the driver had complied with the inspection, which is put in place to ensure the safety and security of all those on the road. As the investigation continues, it is essential to remember that safety must always come first, and we must do everything we can to prevent such tragedies from occurring again.

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