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    Tragedy Strikes Military Exercise Ground in Poland: One Soldier Dead, Another Critically Injured

    In a harrowing incident at the Drawsko Pomorskie military exercise ground in Poland, a tracked vehicle ran over two soldiers, resulting in one fatality and leaving the other in critical condition. The Poznań District Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the death of one of the soldiers involved in the accident, which occurred around 8:50 am at the Drawsko Combat Training Center.

    Major Tomasz Zygmunt of the Military Police in Szczecin informed the Polish Press Agency that two emergency helicopters, one from Gorzów and the other from Szczecin, were dispatched to the scene. “Both victims are Polish soldiers. Investigative actions are being conducted on-site under the supervision of a prosecutor,” he added.

    Prosecutor Łukasz Wawrzyniak, spokesperson for the Poznań District Prosecutor’s Office, verified the reports about the death of one of the soldiers. “I confirm that an incident occurred resulting in the death of one soldier, while another is in critical condition. The Military Police and a prosecutor are on the scene, carrying out investigative actions. The prosecutor’s office and the military police will determine the cause of this tragic event,” he stated.

    The injured soldier was airlifted to the University Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Szczecin by an Air Ambulance. According to hospital spokesperson Joanna Woźnicka, “The patient is in a state of direct life threat.”

    The Drawsko training area recently commenced international NATO exercises at the end of February, involving approximately 3,000 soldiers from countries including Albania, Spain, Great Britain, and Poland. The participants have access to 700 various vehicles, among them armored personnel carriers and Leopard tanks. The exact type of vehicle involved in the accident has not been disclosed.

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