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    Tragic Death of Polish Millionaire Jerzy Krzanowski: New Facts Emerge

    In the night between June 6th and 7th, 2024, the body of Jerzy Krzanowski, one of Poland’s wealthiest individuals, was found in Krościenko Wyżne, Podkarpackie Province. How exactly did the millionaire meet his end? Authorities began searching for Krzanowski on June 6th, after his family reported him missing.

    Prosecutor’s Statement

    According to Tomasz Lorenc, the acting district prosecutor in Krosno, investigators have conducted a thorough examination of the body and the site where it was discovered. An autopsy has been ordered to determine the precise cause of death. Lorenc noted that current efforts are focused on ruling out the involvement of any third parties.

    Background of the Case

    The news of Krzanowski’s disappearance surfaced on Thursday afternoon. He was a co-founder of the Krosno-based company Nowy Styl. Krzanowski left his home, after which he lost contact with his family. The investigation continues to uncover the circumstances surrounding his death.

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