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    ‘Treasure’ in a package from Ukraine

    The Lublin National Revenue Administration (KAS) detected copper coins from the period of John II Casimir Vasa in a shipment from Ukraine. The secured 17th-century numismatics are the so-called Lithuanian Boratines.

    In a parcel posted in Ukraine, the officers of the Customs Department of the Post Office in Lublin discovered antique items. According to the declaration, the package was supposed to contain a gift, and there were 17th-century coins.

    Secured numismatics are the so-called Boratines- copper shillings from the reign of John II Casimir Vasa. They owe their name to the then manager of the Krakow mint – Tytus Liwiusz Boratini.

    The coins were minted between 1659 and 1667 in very large numbers. Because they were made of copper and not silver, they were of low value. From them also comes the saying bad shilling (penny).

    The case is being handled by the Lublin Customs and Tax Office in Biała Podlaska.

    The illegal introduction of cultural goods from a non-EU country into the territory of the Republic of Poland is punishable by high penalties.

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