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    Trial Begins for Gang of Poisoners Involved in Illegal Property Takeovers

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    On July 12th, the trial commenced for six members of a poisoning gang accused of fraudulently seizing properties belonging to elderly individuals. The gang poisoned their victims with isopropanol-contaminated alcohol, resulting in five deaths and six attempted murders. The indictment against the six individuals was filed on May 8th, this year, at the District Court of Warsaw-Praga in Warsaw, Poland.

    Among the defendants are gang leader Tomasz G., brothers Roman and Krzysztof P., and notary Jolanta D. The charges include five counts of murder, six counts of attempted murder, and 18 counts of property misappropriation or attempted fraud involving substantial assets, according to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw.

    Extensive Criminal Operations

    The criminal group led by Tomasz G. operated for approximately five to six years, primarily within the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, including Warsaw. Three defendants, Tomasz G., Paweł S., and Roman P., are also charged with participation in an organized criminal group.

    The authorities learned about the gang’s activities from a woman unrelated to the crimes. She filed a report after a conversation with her acquaintance, Robert S., who cooperated with Roman P. Robert S. was arrested in March 2021 and provided extensive statements to avoid involvement in the murders. He was responsible for verifying the victims’ financial status, property debts, and bank account balances, possessing detailed knowledge of the crimes.

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