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    Triumph for Ignacy Łukasiewicz Rzeszow University of Technology Racing Team at Formula Student Competition

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    Ignacy Łukasiewicz Rzeszow University of Technology students triumph in Czech Formula Student, clinching 1st place in the combustion car category after dedication and innovation.

    Ignacy Łukasiewicz Rzeszow University of Technology proudly announces that their PRz Racing team clinched the top spot in the overall ranking of combustion engine cars at the Formula Student competition held in the Czech Republic.

    Countless hours of hard work, sweat, nerves, and the question of whether their efforts would yield the desired results accompanied the students at every stage. “But finally, the moment arrived when we stand proudly atop the highest step of the podium,” the winners posted on social media.

    Representing Politechnika Rzeszowska, the students competed against universities from around the world in the Autodrom Most circuit in the Czech Republic. Among the participants were teams from Taiwan and Canada. The event featured 15 teams with combustion and hybrid engines, along with 36 electric vehicle teams.

    The competition consisted of three static and four dynamic events. Students had to defend their engineering project, pitch their startup idea, and ensure their vehicle could withstand a 22-kilometer main race. PRz Racing’s PMT-05 secured its spot in the Engineering Design finals for the first time in history, ranking 4th among global engineering projects.

    PRz Racing proved formidable not only in design but also on the track. The PMT-05 dominated the endurance race, crossing the finish line flawlessly and claiming the 1st place title.

    The week-long team effort and solid performance across various categories culminated in the top spot for combustion engine cars, securing victory in the official Formula Student competition. “This victory marks the second historic win for a Polish team in Formula Student competitions. Only once before has a team from Wrocław achieved this. We are delighted to etch our name in history. This season is groundbreaking and historic, featuring the most refined combustion engine design,” proudly declared Rzeszów students. They emphasized that this triumph is the result of passion, dedication, and the hard work of over 120 individuals dedicated to the car’s construction.

    The PRz team officially unveiled their new racing car, the PMT-05, in late June. With the most advanced aerodynamic package among all previous vehicles, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in around 3.5 seconds.

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