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    Triumph for ‘Loret – Forester with Character’ at XVIII Losy Polaków Festival

    ‘Loret – Forester with Character,’ a film crafted by visionary creators, has clinched a remarkable victory, earning esteemed recognition from the jury at the XVIII Losy Polaków Festival. This cinematic masterpiece secured the third prize in the “feature film” category, lauded for its vivid portrayal of remarkable individuals and their compelling narratives. Backed by funding from the State Forests, this production stood as a poignant highlight commemorating the centenary of the organization in 2024.

    At the grand gala held in Warsaw earlier this month, the coveted statuette was graciously received on behalf of the film’s masterminds, director Marcin Głowacki and Bogdan Adam Miszczak, the president of TV Obiektyw, by Jadwiga Kielar.

    “Securing a place among the honoured films with an exceptional forester’s extraordinary life depicted is profoundly meaningful to me,” expressed President Miszczak.

    “It’s particularly noteworthy as the festival drew in 135 submissions, spanning films, radio and TV programs, and multimedia projects, showcasing the lives and destinies of Poles across 30 countries globally. Simply being among the nominees within such a distinguished cohort was a triumph in itself. This award validates the significance of our film. I emphasize ‘our’ because the foresters played a pivotal role in its realization. Additionally, this festival will have its American edition, extending the reach of the awarded films, especially among the Polish diaspora.”

    ‘Loret – Forester with Character’ forms part of the ongoing “Polish Visionaries” series by TV Obiektyw, spotlighting personalities associated with Podkarpacie. It weaves cinematic narratives about figures such as Marian Wieleżyński, a trailblazing chemist from Lviv in the gas industry, Ignacy Łukasiewicz, the progenitor of the oil industry, and Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński during his time in Komańcza. Presently, endeavours are in progress to craft a film chronicling Rudolf Weigl, the ingenious inventor of the typhus vaccine.

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