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    Trump Reiterates Support for NATO and Poland’s Security

    Former US President Donald Trump reaffirmed America’s commitment to NATO, emphasizing that US involvement hinges on fair treatment from European nations. In an interview with GB News, Trump stated that the United States will remain in NATO as long as European countries “treat America fairly.” He assured countries like Poland that they can rely on US assistance in times of security threats.

    Tomasz Winiarski, an Americanist, highlighted Trump’s remarks as a testament to Poland’s strong alliance with the United States, underscoring that Poland need not worry about American support in case of an attack. Trump’s stance positions him as a supporter of Poland and its interests.

    The announcement reinforces the notion that under a potential return to the presidency, the United States will continue to prioritize European security through its NATO commitments. It also underscores the importance of equitable defense spending among NATO members, with a nod to Poland’s significant contributions to the alliance.

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