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    Tusk-Banaś-Konfederacja Pact Exposed! TVP Info Releases Banaś Tapes

    In the summer of 2023, Marian Banaś, the President of the Supreme Audit Office, met with Donald Tusk’s emissary, Warsaw lawyer Marek Chmaj, known for his involvement in the Open Dialogue Foundation and defending the privileges of former members of the secret police in Communist Poland. According to the recording published by TVP Info, the President of the Supreme Audit Office discussed the details of a political agreement with Chmaj, involving politicians from the Confederation [Konfederacja party – ed.], including his son Jakub Banaś. He presented his plan of political actions aimed at helping the Civic Platform party change the government in Poland.

    The protagonists of the conversation published by TVP Info are Marian Banaś and lawyer Marek Chmaj. The conversation reveals that Jakub Banaś and his father are to ensure that the Confederation does not form a coalition with PiS (Law and Justice Party). The head of the Supreme Audit Office assures Chmaj: “Tell the [Donald Tusk – ed.] boss that we will have significant control and influence over the Confederation because Kuba [Jakub Banaś – ed.] entered there.”

    Recordings revealed by TVP Info show how Tusk’s emissary (Marek Chmaj) coordinated actions with the President of the Supreme Audit Office to undermine PiS. Banaś emphasized to Tusk’s emissary (whom he referred to as the ‘boss’) that he has influence within the Confederation, which he intends to use after the elections.

    The recordings were obtained from employees who could no longer tolerate the use of the Supreme Audit Office for political purposes by Banaś.

    Below is the transcript of the conversation, which was published on the portal:

    MARIAN BANAŚ: "So that you can pass on the information there. I agreed for [my son] Kuba [Banaś] to be there [in the Confederation] for one reason, that we must ensure they don’t form a coalition with PiS."
    MAREK CHMAJ: "And that's very good, I explain them the same thing."
    MARIAN BANAŚ: "I have some of my people there, you know, because I'm going there for…"
    MAREK CHMAJ: "Did you agree? So Kuba didn’t want it himself? Did he discuss it with you before?"
    MARIAN BANAŚ: "Of course, otherwise, I wouldn’t have let him do so. Listen, I’m telling you, mate, because we must. You know, there were tendencies that there might be a coalition [with PiS]. And I won’t allow that. (…) Just in case, if it turns out that they need a coalition partner, and here they would have some influence, then damn, we have a few more months…"
    MAREK CHMAJ: "Everyone’s worth their weight in gold."
    MARIAN BANAŚ: "Worth their weight in gold."
    MAREK CHMAJ: "And he has a very good position [on the list of candidates - ed.]. Good."
    MARIAN BANAŚ: "And I tell him, listen, if there’s such a situation, because you see, they also want to strengthen themselves, because they know that if Kuba is there, they will have it too. But this sends a clear signal that, at this moment… the game is tough… that they start shifting MPs, and I have an influence on Sierakowska there, she came from there. (…) This is my job (…) This way we keep weakening them all the time, because the Confederation can only capture that electorate. No one else, and every part of the electorate… She has a considerable following of those Catholics and the others."
    MARIAN BANAŚ: "It's going well. Tell the boss [Donald Tusk] that we will have significant control and influence over the Confederation because Kuba entered there. (…) and there’s no need to worry about that…"
    MAREK CHMAJ: "And you’re preparing a basket of presents for October."
    MARIAN BANAŚ: "…and you understand the end of September, beginning of October, and then you will also be here from your side to help us publicize it…"

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