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    Tusk’s Coalition Considers Blocking Nuclear Project, Seeking to Highlight Financial Unpreparedness

    Donald Tusk’s team is pressing American companies Westinghouse and Bechtel to take at least a 30% equity stake in Poland’s nuclear energy project. It’s a strategic move against the Americans, according to, indicating that the opposition aims to show that Poland… is not prepared for such a significant investment. Bloomberg quotes Civic Platform’s chief energy advisor, Grzegorz Onimichowski, confirming these reports.

    “Nuclear energy, which enjoys significant public support, is essential for the success of Poland’s energy transition. However, we are aware of the risks related to such a project, that’s why it would be desirable for our partner/supplier to take a capital stake,” Onichimowski said in written comments to Bloomberg.

    According to the Tusk aide, the shares of American companies (with Westinghouse supplying the technology and Bechtel tasked with designing and constructing the power plant) should amount to at least 30 percent. This sentiment is echoed by Civic Coalition (KO) MP Andrzej Domański, an economic advisor to Donald Tusk.

    This would signify a significant change in the terms of the agreement regarding the construction of the nuclear power plant, and in Washington, there are already concerns about whether joint Polish-American projects will continue if Donald Tusk’s team comes to power.

    “Donald Tusk’s circle is playing a game with the Americans. The opposition wants to demonstrate that Poland is not ready for such a high degree of financial involvement in nuclear energy,” writes, citing expert opinions. As they add, politicians from Poland 2050 and Civic Platform, when asked about pressure on partners from the USA, “are tight-lipped.”

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