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    TV Republika: German Influence in Europe

    Piotr Kaleta of the Law and Justice party: “Germans must stay away from the interests of Poles and French. Germans have spread all over Europe, in Poland in an insolent way. Moreover, they are supported by insolent Polish politicians who defend their policy. They must be incredibly insolent to play with the French on their territory or feel exceptionally powerful.”

    On the TV programme ‘Polityczna kawa,’ Piotr Kaleta of the Law and Justice party referred to a report by the School of Economic Warfare (EGE) which indicated that the German government finances foundations that run anti-nuclear campaigns.

    The EGE Director Christian Harbulot said: “Germany, through its foundations, interferes in the political and economic affairs of its foreign partners, especially France.” He pointed out the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and the Heinrich Böll Foundation, funded by the German government. In his view, these entities are agents of influence and organise campaigns aimed at attacking the nuclear industry.

    The case was discussed on the TV programme ‘Polityczna kawa’ on Telewizja Republika. Tomasz Sakiewicz’s guests were the Left MEP Marek Balt and Piotr Kaleta, MP for the Law and Justice Party.

    “Foundations carry out their activities according to their statutes and are funded in various ways. Minister Czarnek has funded many foundations and associations by giving them discounts for the purchase of buildings. It is true, there are many foundations in Germany that want to close down nuclear power worldwide.”

    MEP Marek Balt said

    When Editor Sakiewicz pointed out to him that these organisations are funded by the German government, he replied that “they operate under the law.” To the suggestion that the Germans are well aware of what the foundations are doing with the money, he replied: “The German government shut down its nuclear power plants, so it has a vested interest in shutting down power plants all over Europe.”

    Asked for what purpose Germany wants to close nuclear power plants and whether the reason is to buy gas from Russia, he replied: “I am not a spokesman for the German government; I don’t know what Germans have in mind.”

    “They have overbuilt many renewable energy plants, wind and photovoltaic plants, so that all Europe switch to this type of energy. They have windmills running in the winter. It’s Germany’s policy, we should have our policy, make our investments.”

    stated Balt

    Piotr Kaleta of the Law and Justice Party answered: “You say that the government gives money to foundations. This is true. Please point out to me a foundation that is involved in inciting in other countries.”

    “What you fail to see is that the Germans are spreading their tentacles all over Europe, they are doing it insolently in our country. They are supported by insolent Polish politicians who defend their policy. They are also spreading their tentacles to other countries. To play with the French on their territory is to be incredibly insolent or to feel extraordinarily powerful, and the question why they do it is fundamental. The Germans feel so powerful and connected to Putin that they have not given up on the issue of taking control of the energy market across Europe. There is a need to be concerned about what stage Russian-German relations are at. What have these people learned from the Ukrainian war, and should relations return to pre-war levels? For the Germans, national interest is paramount. Germans must stay away from the interests of Poles and French. If this is how the EU is going to look like, there can be no consent of Polish government.”

    Kaleta stressed.

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