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    TV Republika Has Just Received Its License!

    The National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) granted TV Republika a terrestrial license on the nationwide digital television multiplex MUX-8 for 10 years. Today, TV Republika has just received its license!

    In an official statement, the KRRiT emphasized that the new programs on MUX-8 will ensure a diverse and pluralistic program offering in the Polish media market. This decision was met with positive reception both in the media community and among viewers.

    The editor-in-chief of Telewizja Republika, Tomasz Sakiewicz, along with program director Michał Rachoń and head of publishers Jarosław Olechowski, thanked viewers and numerous supporters of the station for their support, which significantly influenced the granting of the license.

    “A huge thank you to our viewers, readers of ‘Gazeta Polska’, the portal, and the ‘Gazeta Polska’ Clubs, who supported our license with tens and hundreds of thousands of emails, letters, SMSs, phone calls, and social media comments. Thank you to the heroes of Solidarność who supported our procession, and thanks to the entire team that fought: from the legal team through the editorial team to all departments that prepared this project.”

    Tomasz Sakiewicz said

    “We need to launch the signal as soon as possible,” Sakiewicz emphasized, highlighting the situation’s urgency.

    Currently, Telewizja Republika is actively seeking investors to help quickly launch the signal on MUX-8. Tomasz Sakiewicz, Michał Rachoń, and Jarosław Olechowski are holding talks in the United States to secure financial support for the station.

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