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    TV Republika Signs Cooperation Agreement with Associated Press

    TV Republika, a prominent Polish television network, has recently inked a collaboration deal with Associated Press (AP), one of the most influential news agencies globally.

    According to the press department of Telewizja Republika, under this agreement, the network will have access to AP’s resources while also providing the agency with materials produced by the station.

    Associated Press stands as a leading press agency worldwide, supplying approximately 6,000 radio and television stations, 1,700 newspapers within the United States, and over 8,500 media entities across other nations.

    Telewizja Republika has been experiencing a steady surge in viewership since mid-December. Presently, among the news stations in Poland, it holds the second position in terms of popularity, with its individual programs garnering more viewership than the recent hegemon, TVN24.

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