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    Two Detained in Connection with Fatal Shooting of Polish Man in Stockholm

    Swedish police have detained two individuals linked to the tragic killing of a 39-year-old Polish man in the Stockholm suburb of Skarholmen. The arrests are part of a broader investigation into the incident, which has deeply affected the community, including the significant Polish population in the area. Details of the detention have been limited due to the ongoing sensitivity of the case.

    The fatal event unfolded last Wednesday evening when the victim, walking with his 12-year-old son to a swimming pool, encountered a group of youths under a viaduct. An altercation led to the tragic shooting, spotlighting the rising tensions and violence within the district.

    In the aftermath, hundreds of residents, including many from the Polish community, paid tribute to the deceased with a moment of silence at the crime scene. A nearby school facilitated a session for the public to offer condolences, where mourners also signed a condolence book.

    Diamant Salihu, a reporter for public television SVT and an author on gang-related issues, contextualizes the arrests within a broader escalation of violence in Sweden, particularly among young offenders. Salihu highlighted that Skarholmen has become notably dangerous due to a gang war centered around the narcotics group Foxtrott, influencing local youths to align with the criminal factions. This increase in gang activity has led to a heightened police presence, though the safety of the area remains compromised.

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