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    U.S. President Joe Biden will visit Poland

    Yesterday, U.S. President Joe Biden said he will visit Poland but does not know when. Biden: “I’m gonna be going to Poland, I don’t know when, though.”

    It was suggested that President Biden is considering a trip to Europe to coincide with the Feb. 24 anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    As we read on CNN report, “A presidential trip to Europe on the anniversary of the war would underscore US unity with Europe and NATO against Russia, which Biden sought to drive home this week when he announced that the US would be joining an international coalition of allies – including the United Kingdom and Germany – that will send heavy Western tanks to Ukraine.”

    The CNN report states that Poland is “a key NATO ally, where thousands of American soldiers are stationed and where the center of Western arms transfers to Ukraine is located.”

    In a recent interview with Canada’s CBC public television, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov expressed the hope that it would be possible to convince the allies to provide his country with Western warplanes and long-range missiles.

    According to PAP, when asked whether the United States would supply Ukraine with multi-role F-16 aircraft, U.S. President briefly answered: “no”.

    “Biden also told reporters that the United States will not be providing F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. Ukraine’s defense minister last week said he will now push for Western fourth- generation fighter planes such as the U.S. F-16 after securing supplies of battle tanks.” (Reuters)

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