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    Ukraine Praises Polish-Made Krab Howitzers for Strengthening Security

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    In a recent Twitter post, Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland, Wasyl Zwarycz, expressed high praise for the Krab howitzers, manufactured in Poland, hailing them as instrumental in enhancing security for both Ukraine and Poland, as well as the entire European region, in the face of what he described as “barbaric Russian aggression.”

    The significance of the Krab howitzers was acknowledged earlier in April, during a visit to Gliwice by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. He announced the establishment of a service center for Leopard tanks in the Bumar-Łabędy facilities, where the Krab artillery systems would also be produced. To ensure this plan comes to fruition, Minister of State Assets, Jacek Sasin, has pledged to transfer the necessary halls.

    Prime Minister Morawiecki emphasized the importance of the Krab howitzers in meeting multiple international demands, with interest from various countries beyond Ukraine. The total investment, exceeding 800 million PLN, will significantly reinforce the production capacity at Bumar, meeting both domestic and foreign needs.

    With Ukraine lauding the Polish-made Krab howitzers as an exceptional military asset, this cooperation between the two nations underscores their commitment to strengthening regional security amidst ongoing challenges.

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