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    Ukrainian Drones Decimate Russian Ships with “Astonishing Use of Innovative Maritime Weaponry”

    Ukrainian forces have successfully deployed drones to target and destroy Russian naval vessels, marking a significant shift in maritime warfare. Among the recent losses for the Russian Black Sea fleet is the corvette Sergei Kotov, which was unsuspectingly attacked by at least three Ukrainian marine drones last night, according to Chuck Pfarrer, a legendary commander of the American Navy Seals Team Six, in an interview with Michał Rachoń on TV Republika.

    Approximately 30 percent of the Russian Black Sea fleet has transitioned to submarines, highlighting a strategic shift in response to the emerging drone threat. However, this adaptation was not enough to prevent the loss of the Sergei Kotov, which sank within 15 minutes of the attack. The ship’s artillery was aimed forward, indicating it was caught off guard and unprepared for the assault from beneath the waves.

    Pfarrer noted the Russians’ attempts to counter such drone attacks with a handheld grenade launcher, capable of reaching up to 300 meters. However, this defense proved futile against the Ukrainian drones, which, even if hit, would simply bounce off and continue their mission.

    The effectiveness of the Ukrainian drones has been attributed to their advanced technology, with Pfarrer suggesting that Ukraine is deploying fourth and possibly even fifth-generation drones. These state-of-the-art machines are capable of reaching speeds up to 78 km/h and have a combat range of 800 km, armed with a 300 kg warhead. One such drone reportedly traveled 480 km from the mouth of the Dnieper River to strike the Sergei Kotov near the Kerch Strait, showcasing an astonishing use of innovative, unconventional maritime weaponry.

    Pfarrer also highlighted the sophisticated operational systems and satellite communications that enable these drones to be controlled from thousands of kilometers away. The propulsion system, derived from jet skis, and the counterintuitive design principle that a longer waterline increases speed, underscore the ingenuity behind Ukraine’s drone strategy.

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