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    Unifying Response to Belarus Crisis: Calls for Immediate Action

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    Ministers unite to demand Wagner Group withdrawal and humanitarian action on Belarus border crisis, amid concerns for the oppressed Belarusian population.

    Amidst the ongoing crisis on the Belarusian border, ministers from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia convened to address the escalating situation. The meeting, led by Polish Minister of Internal Affairs Mariusz Kamiński, focused on the urgent need for joint action. The ministers expressed concern over the resurging migration pressure stemming from Belarus and its effects on neighboring countries.

    Key demands were presented to the Lukashenko regime, including the swift withdrawal of the Wagner Group mercenaries from Belarusian territory and the immediate evacuation of illegal migrants from the border zone. The situation has been further complicated by reports of several thousand Wagner Group mercenaries stationed within Belarus.

    Kamiński emphasized the necessity of stabilizing the situation and protecting the oppressed Belarusian population. He asserted that in the face of critical incidents, the response would be swift and unified, resulting in the closure of all border crossings with Belarus, irrespective of location.

    While acknowledging the potential adverse consequences of isolating the Lukashenko regime from Europe and the European Union, Kamiński underscored the importance of prioritizing the wellbeing and freedom of the Belarusian people. The regime’s brutal repression and incarceration of numerous political prisoners have heightened the urgency of the situation.

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