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    Unity in Harmony: Dream Concert Commemorating the 233rd Anniversary of the 3rd May Constitution

    The Polish-Korean Youth Organization (PKY) and the Mriya organization proudly present the Dream Concert, marking a significant milestone in history. Scheduled for the 2nd of May at Park Agrykola in Warsaw, this cultural extravaganza not only commemorates Poland’s National Holiday of the 3rd of May but also stands as a beacon of solidarity with Ukraine during tumultuous times.

    PKY, known for its dedication to youth development and fostering cultural exchange between Polish and Korean youth, brings its expertise to co-organize this event, infused with a spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding.

    Fostering Solidarity and Celebration: The Vision Behind the Dream Concert

    Joining forces with PKY, the Mriya organization, established to support refugees and Ukrainian youth, plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the Dream Concert. Through this event, Mriya aims to underscore the significance of solidarity and support for Ukraine amidst the challenges posed by ongoing conflicts. With meticulous planning and heartfelt dedication, the organizers have crafted an event that not only pays homage to the historical significance of the participating nations but also pledges to uphold and promote the values of freedom and peace on a global scale.

    Central to the Dream Concert’s agenda is the celebration of unity and resilience in the face of adversity. As artists from Poland and Ukraine grace the stage, including the likes of Vasya Demchuk, Zlata Ognevich, Marcin Maciejczak, and Felivers, the event promises an enchanting fusion of musical talents. Adding to the allure, the renowned Gracias Choir, recognized internationally for its soul-stirring performances, will captivate audiences with their harmonies and melodies.

    Fusion of Cultures: Dance Performances at the Dream Concert

    Beyond the musical spectacles, attendees will be treated to mesmerizing dance performances, blending the vibrancy of K-pop with the elegance of traditional Korean dances. This amalgamation of cultural expressions serves as a testament to the organizers’ vision of fostering stronger ties not only between Poland and Ukraine but also across continents. With an open invitation extended to all, the Dream Concert stands as a symbol of inclusivity, inviting individuals from diverse backgrounds to come together and partake in a celebration of culture, freedom, and solidarity.

    As the world converges at Park Agrykola, attendees will bear witness to more than just a concert; they will experience a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity. Through the transcendent power of music and art, the Dream Concert serves as a reminder of our shared aspirations for peace, unity, and mutual understanding.

    For those eager to participate in this extraordinary event, registration is open to all via For further information about PKY, please visit

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