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    Unlocking Poland’s Agricultural Export Potential: Urgent Need for Infrastructure Investment

    At the forefront of Poland’s food security debate lies a crucial issue: the need to enhance the country’s agricultural export potential through the modernization and expansion of its transportation infrastructure, particularly railway and port facilities.

    Challenges in Transport Efficiency
    Loading grain onto ships in Poland takes twice as long as in Germany, while unloading trains transporting grain takes up to four times as long. This inefficiency underscores the urgent requirement for upgrading and expanding railway-to-port infrastructure.

    Critical Infrastructure Neglect
    Representatives from the agricultural logistics sector emphasize the inadequate capacity of Polish ports, hindering grain exports to distant markets. Aging infrastructure in Gdańsk, Gdynia, Szczecin, and Świnoujście severely limits export capabilities.

    Call for Immediate Action
    Experts stress the pressing need to address long-standing infrastructural neglect. They cite instances of grain being stored under makeshift tents and loaded using traditional shovels due to a lack of modern port facilities.

    Transition to Rail Transport
    While maritime ports pose significant bottlenecks, reliance on road transport further compounds issues. Compared to Western counterparts, Polish freight trains move at half the speed. Investment in rail infrastructure is imperative to alleviate pressure on road networks.

    Strategic Implications
    Food security is integral to national defense strategy. Military planners emphasize maximizing domestic resources, necessitating robust agricultural production and efficient export capabilities.

    Collaborative Solutions
    Enhancing Poland’s agricultural output requires collaboration between individual farmers, large logistics firms, and government entities. The commitment of private sector players, like Viterra Polska, to invest in infrastructure is paramount.

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