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    Unlocking the Secrets of Copernicus: 480-Year-Old Manuscript Explored in the Philippines

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    In a captivating scientific endeavor, conservators from Toruń, Poland, embarked on a mission to examine a 480-year-old book by Nicolaus Copernicus, nestled in the University of Santo Tomas library in the Philippines.

    The Remarkable Conservation Task

    Dr. Jolanta Czuczko, from the Department of Paper and Leather Conservation at Nicolaus Copernicus University, shared insights into this unique experience, describing it as a blend of scientific exploration and cultural enrichment.

    Uncovering History’s Layers

    The conservators meticulously analyzed each of the book’s 200-plus pages, scrutinizing not only the content but also the structural components, from binding threads to cover construction. Their examination unveiled the manual’s intriguing journey from Europe to the Philippine Archipelago.

    Challenges Faced and Discoveries Made

    Facing unexpected challenges, the conservators dealt with the surprising degradation of the 16th-century paper. Despite limitations, they conducted a thorough analysis, employing techniques like UV and IR light to assess ink corrosion and pH levels. The mission also aimed to understand the conservation measures suitable for this exceptional artifact.

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