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    Unprecedented Gathering of Former Justice Ministers Sparks Controversy in Poland

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    Current Justice Minister Adam Bodnar convened a meeting with eleven former justice ministers, excluding Zbigniew Ziobro and Marcin Warchoł from the previous government. Bodnar justified the exclusion by claiming that the “previous government questioned the foundations of the rule of law.”

    Bodnar expressed a desire to discuss the future and the construction of a lawful state, emphasizing the need to shape the Polish judiciary in line with constitutional values. He addressed the challenges faced over the past eight years and focused on building a rule-of-law state.

    Controversial Attendees: Convicted Ministers in the Spotlight

    Controversially, Cezary Grabarczyk, a minister in the previous government, attended despite being convicted for providing false information in a firearms permit case. Another attendee, Marek Sadowski, had a previous conviction for a traffic accident in 2008.

    The guest list also included individuals with socialist and communist affiliations, such as Jerzy Jaskiernia, a long-time member of various socialist organizations, and Leszek Kubicki, a former member of the Communist Party.

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