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    Unusual Signal Incidents Disrupt Train Services in Poland

    Recent unauthorized “radio-stop” signal disruptions in Poland’s trains prompt investigation by ABW, while Legionella infections are also probed for potential causes. Read more ⤵️

    Poland’s Government Plenipotentiary for Information Space Security, Stanisław Żaryn, has addressed recent disruptions in the country’s railway system caused by unauthorized use of the “radio-stop” signal. He stated that there is no information linking these incidents to Russian spies. The unauthorized activation of the “radio-stop” signal has resulted in train stoppages twice in the Podlaskie Voivodeship and also in the northern parts of the country. The signal triggers an immediate halt for trains operating on the same frequency, raising concerns about the signal’s misuse.

    Żaryn emphasized that the Internal Security Agency (ABW) is investigating the matter to determine its nature and the individuals involved. He reassured the public that such incidents have occurred before and should not cause panic. In a separate matter, ABW is also investigating Legionella bacteria infections in various regions, employing an excessive approach to ensure deliberate actions are ruled out. Żaryn noted that ABW’s role involves examining such scenarios and mentioned the global cases of bioterrorism. If any indications arise, ABW will undoubtedly delve into the matter.

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