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    Unveiling the Depths: Geophysical Survey Reveals Baltic Sea Secrets

    In a groundbreaking initiative commissioned by the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection (GIOŚ), a comprehensive geophysical survey of the Baltic Sea spanning over 7,000 km² has been conducted. The results, unveiled during a conference at the Offshore Center of the Maritime University in Gdynia, mark a significant leap in understanding Poland’s marine ecosystems.

    Revealing Underwater Treasures

    Deputy Director of the Environmental Monitoring Department at GIOŚ, Małgorzata Marcinkiewicz-Mykieta, highlighted the discovery of 38 underwater objects, including 26 wrecks and 12 other structures such as cargo remnants. These findings, crucial for updating knowledge on seabed habitats, have been promptly reported to the Naval Hydrographic Office.

    Cutting-Edge Technology for Marine Conservation

    Collaborating with the Maritime University in Gdynia and MEWO S.A., the project utilized advanced sonar technologies to generate data essential for devising effective conservation strategies and sustainable marine resource management.

    Toward EU Environmental Compliance

    The project aligns with the EU Commission’s directives on marine environmental standards and monitoring methodologies, underscoring Poland’s commitment to preserving marine ecosystems.

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