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    Unveiling the Highlights of the 39th Warsaw Film Festival

    The 39th edition of the Warsaw Film Festival is nearing its conclusion, promising a weekend packed with captivating cinema experiences. Despite the challenges, a diverse array of compelling films awaits enthusiasts.

    Free Spirit Competition: “City” by Amit Ulman

    In a unique blend of genres, Israeli director Amit Ulman presents “City,” a fusion of crime, musical, and black comedy. Despite the absence of the film crew due to ongoing conflicts, its intriguing narrative promises a captivating cinematic journey.

    International Competition: “Glass House” by Taras Dron

    “Glass House,” a Ukrainian-Cypriot-Romanian-German co-production directed by Taras Dron, follows the ambitious architect Victoria on a quest to unravel the disappearance of her daughter. Set against a backdrop of professional ambition and personal turmoil, the film delves into themes of family and sacrifice.

    Free Spirit Competition: “Art School, 1994” by Liu Jian

    Chinese director Liu Jian brings forth “Art School, 1994,” a visually stunning animated film set in the backdrop of China’s cultural evolution. Amidst the backdrop of societal changes, a group of students navigates love, artistic aspirations, and identity in a rapidly transforming landscape.

    Creme de la Creme Competition: “MMXX” by Cristi Puiu

    Romanian director Cristi Puiu’s “MMXX” unfolds a gripping narrative through the intertwining lives of disparate characters. Set in four distinct moments in time, the film weaves a tale of interconnectedness and existential crisis.

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