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    US Government in Contact with Poland Regarding Discovery of Missile Near Bydgoszcz

    According to a statement from a representative of the US National Security Council, the US government has been in communication with Polish officials regarding the unearthing of a missile near the northern metropolis of Bydgoszcz.

    During an inquiry by a Polish Radio journalist, John Kirby disclosed that the United States had been in contact with their Polish counterparts and was endeavouring to gather further information regarding the occurrence.

    As per the Polish Defense Ministry, a missile landed in woodland on December 16 last year, but its discovery was not made until the conclusion of April.

    While its roots remain unknown, there are suspicions that the missile, which was found in Poland, could have been an unarmed Russian projectile that strayed off course after being launched as a ploy to divert Ukrainian air defences.


    Radical Eco-Activists Jeopardize Racing Tradition with Shameful Stunt

    Two agitators affiliated with the extremist "Last Generation" faction brought chaos to the opening of the racing season at Służewiec Racetrack. Thanks to the swift response of security personnel, law enforcement was able to swiftly quell the disturbance.