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    Vibrant Festivals Bring Piwniczna-Zdrój to Life

    Piwniczna-Zdrój comes alive with the 14th Running Festival and the 3rd Lachy and Górale Festival. The festivities are marked by spirited competitions and a unique cultural procession.

    The town of Piwniczna-Zdrój in Poland is currently abuzz with two exciting festivals: the 14th Running Festival and the 3rd Lachy and Górale Festival. The events have attracted large crowds and are blessed with beautiful weather, creating an atmosphere of celebration and excitement.

    The Active Małopolanin Competition:
    The festivities kicked off with the Active Małopolanin competition, featuring approximately 700 children from various schools. These young athletes showcased their skills in six different disciplines, including long jump, target ball throwing, volleyball ball bouncing, jump rope, football juggling, and relay racing. The competition was fierce, and the enthusiastic support of their peers added to the excitement.

    Winners in Various Categories:
    Here are the results for the different school categories:

    • Primary School (Grades 1-3):
      1st Place: School and Kindergarten Complex No. 1 in Piwniczna-Zdrój
      2nd Place: Municipal Center for School Education in Tylicz
      3rd Place: Primary School in Podegrodzie
    • Primary School (Grades 4-6):
      1st Place: School and Kindergarten Complex No. 8 in Nowy Sącz
      2nd Place: Primary School in Głębokie
      3rd Place: Primary School in Wierchomla
    • Primary School (Grades 7-8):
      1st Place: Primary School No. 2 in Nowy Sącz
      2nd Place: Primary School in Łomnica
      3rd Place: Municipal Center for School Education in Tylicz
    • Secondary School:
      1st Place: A. Grottger General Secondary School in Grybów
      2nd Place: II General Secondary School in Nowy Sącz
      3rd Place: Electrical and Mechanical School Complex in Nowy Sącz

    Lachów and Górali Festival:
    The Festival continued with the Lachy and Górale Festival, featuring the “Bieg Lachów i Górali” race. Participants expressed their excitement and adrenaline for the race, emphasizing the importance of healthy lifestyles. The competition saw Jakub Groń and Klaudia Pękala from the Lipniczanie team emerge as winners.

    Unique Races:
    The Festival also included unique races like the “Bieg w Krawacie” (Tie Run) and “Bieg na Szpilkach” (High Heel Run), where participants had to run with ties and high heels, respectively. These races added a fun twist to the event and were enjoyed by all.

    Night Run:
    The first day of the Running Festival concluded with a 7 km Night Run. Kamil Walczyk and Katarzyna Albrycht emerged as the winners, showcasing their running prowess.

    Lachów and Górali Festival Parade:
    The Lachy and Górale Festival commenced with a vibrant and lively procession that included guests, local officials, and organizers. This colorful parade, starting after a mass, captivated the spirit of both residents and visitors.

    Special Guests:
    The Festival welcomed distinguished guests, including Ryszard Terlecki, Deputy Speaker of the Polish Sejm, and Andrzej Gut-Mostowy, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Sports and Tourism. The event also celebrated cultural ties with Lithuania, with the Wilia ensemble from Vilnius participating.
    The Festivals in Piwniczna-Zdrój offer a delightful blend of sportsmanship, culture, and celebration. As participants and spectators unite, the town comes alive with energy and enthusiasm, making these events a highlight of the year.

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