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    Viennese Triumph: Warsaw Chamber Opera Ensemble Mesmerizes Vienna

    Warsaw Chamber Opera excels in Vienna’s Mozart Festival with historic instruments and renowned soloists.

    Warsaw Chamber Opera’s performances at Vienna’s 33rd Mozart Festival captivated audiences with standing ovations and encores across three concerts. Held in iconic venues like Wiener Musikverein and Mozarthaus, these concerts marked a notable Viennese chapter for the ensemble.

    A Dream Fulfilled in Vienna

    Before departing for Vienna, Dr. Alicja Węgorzewska-Whiskerd, director of Warsaw Chamber Opera, recalled initial doubts about performing Mozart’s works in the composer’s city. However, the ensemble’s authentic renditions on period instruments won over Vienna’s discerning audience.

    Musical Excellence and Renowned Soloists

    The ensemble’s success stemmed from their use of historical instruments from Mozart’s era, ensuring an authentic sound experience. Accompanied by world-renowned soloists Jessica Pratt and Petr Nekoranec, the performances included Mozart’s opera overtures and arias.

    Their repertoire ranged from Mozart’s operas at Musikverein to chamber music at Mozarthaus, concluding triumphantly with Mozart’s last three symphonies at Hofburgkapelle.

    Jessica Pratt highlighted the festival’s role in bridging Warsaw’s Chopin legacy with Vienna’s Mozart tradition, enriching both musical capitals.

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