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    Vision of Development Forum: Driving Gas Infrastructure Development and Ensuring Energy Security in Poland

    Thousands of industry professionals and government officials gathered at the Naval Academy in Gdynia for the sixth edition of the Vision of Development Forum. The event, which enjoyed the patronage of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, served as a platform for discussions on key challenges facing the Polish economy, including the maritime sector, innovation, and healthcare. Among the prominent participants was GAZ-SYSTEM, a leading energy company making significant investments in gas transmission infrastructure.

    GAZ-SYSTEM, responsible for constructing gas pipelines, compressor stations, and above-ground facilities, is playing a vital role in shaping Poland’s energy landscape. The company’s CEO, Marcin Chludziński, emphasized their commitment to connecting gas in areas with thriving entrepreneurial activities and high gas consumption. According to Chludziński, where there is potential for gas consumption, there is also room for investment.

    Speaking at a panel discussion titled “Challenges for Polish Economy following Russian Aggression against Ukraine,” Chludziński highlighted Poland’s distinctive gas security position compared to other European Union member states. Many countries in Europe have overlooked the significance of fuel choice, supplier dependency, and the availability of alternatives, thereby compromising their industrial and system security. In contrast, Poland has maintained a unique advantage in diversifying gas supply sources. In the event of any disruption, the country can import gas from alternative directions, ensuring a steady and reliable supply.

    Chludziński also emphasized Poland’s rising prominence as a gas hub in Central and Eastern Europe. GAZ-SYSTEM effectively manages gas pipelines and connections with neighboring countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Lithuania. Additionally, the company oversees the operation of the LNG terminal in Swinoujscie and the Baltic Pipe, which connects Poland to Denmark. Future plans involve the construction of a floating LNG terminal (FSRU) in Gdansk, further strengthening Poland’s energy infrastructure.

    The national transmission system operated by GAZ-SYSTEM spans an impressive length of nearly 12,000 kilometers. With 69 entry and 875 exit points, the system is designed to transport nearly 17 billion cubic meters of gas in 2022. Currently, GAZ-SYSTEM supplies gas to major consumers like the Żerań cogeneration plant and Czechnica near Wrocław.

    Chludziński also provided insights into ongoing projects and future expansions. The company is in the final stages of connecting the Dolna Odra plant and is preparing to link the new Warsaw gas ring to the transmission grid. Furthermore, efforts are underway to connect the Siekierek and Kawęczyn EGs to the system. Additional connections to Ostrołęka and Rybnik are also on the agenda, illustrating GAZ-SYSTEM’s continuous commitment to expanding and enhancing the gas transmission infrastructure.

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