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    Volunteers Needed for International White Stork Census in Poland

    White storks, iconic birds of Poland, are the focus of an international census, seeking volunteers for counting nests across the country. The initiative aims to gather crucial data for the protection of this species.

    Volunteer Recruitment:
    In central and northeastern Poland, particularly, volunteers are urgently needed. While southern and western regions have nearly full coverage, more hands are required in areas with higher stork populations.

    Early Arrival and Census Details:
    This year, storks arrived exceptionally early, signaling a prompt start to the census. The counting, conducted every decade, involves over 2,500 Polish municipalities and aims to enhance stork conservation efforts.

    Methodology and Requirements:
    Volunteers will receive training on counting methods and are required to have binoculars and a mobile phone for data submission. Access to a vehicle is beneficial for navigating assigned territories and verifying nest occupancy.

    Duration and Importance:
    Counting will take place from mid-June to mid-July, with volunteers documenting nesting outcomes. The data collected will inform conservation strategies and land planning, including infrastructure projects.

    Challenges and Population Trends:
    Recent years have seen a decline in Poland’s stork population, particularly in western regions due to intensive agriculture. However, global stork numbers are increasing, partly attributed to behavioral shifts like wintering in Europe instead of Africa.

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