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    Warsaw City Hall Considers Night Alcohol Sales Ban

    Warsaw City Hall is gearing up for public consultations regarding a potential ban on nighttime alcohol sales. Mayor Trzaskowski, while not a supporter of nocturnal prohibition, has initiated preparations, emphasizing that the decision should lie with Warsaw residents, as reported by “Super Express.”

    Public Debate Intensifies

    In recent weeks, the public discourse has increasingly revolved around the prospect of implementing a ban on alcohol sales during nighttime hours in Warsaw, particularly in stores rather than restaurants. This proposal has found favor with Left candidate Magdalena Biejat, while incumbent Mayor Trzaskowski remains hesitant, citing concerns about a potential resurgence of illicit alcohol trade.

    Despite personal reservations, Mayor Trzaskowski has signaled a willingness to listen to the city’s residents. Acknowledging the multitude of petitions on the matter, he has mandated comprehensive consultations, indicating a willingness to consider prohibition if it aligns with the majority sentiment among Warsaw residents.

    Next Steps Uncertain

    While the specifics of the consultations remain unclear, Warsaw City Hall is committed to thorough preparation. The timing of the consultations is yet to be determined, with City Hall spokesperson Jakub Leduchowski noting that the process requires careful planning and will be announced once preparations are complete.

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