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    Warsaw Mayoral Candidate Advocates for Responsible Migration Policy

    In a recent interview on Radio Zet, Left party candidate for Warsaw Mayor, Senator Magdalena Biejat, outlined her vision for the city’s migration policy, emphasizing the necessity for a responsible approach towards integrating immigrants.

    Responding to questions from journalist Bogdan Rymanowski, Biejat confirmed her readiness to welcome immigrants to Warsaw, highlighting the capital’s existing multicultural community, including workers from Ukraine and other countries. “Warsaw, being the capital, offers the most development opportunities and should be prepared to accept immigrants, regardless of the existence of any European distribution mechanism,” Biejat stated.

    Biejat asked about her attitude towards the “multiculti” policy of the European Union she replied that it is crucial not to make “the mistakes of the West.”

    Biejat criticized the “multicultural” policies of Western Europe, suggesting they led to the creation of ghettos and social unrest. She called for a more thoughtful approach to ensure that immigrants become fully integrated members of society, advocating for equal opportunities in education and employment to prevent exploitation and the undercutting of Polish workers’ wages.

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