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    We invite you to the premiere of ‘Chosen of the Gods’ and ‘Flavours of the forest’

    Two unique premieres will air this weekend on Telewizja Republika – ‘Chosen of the Gods’ and ‘Flavours of the Forest’.

    Saturday, March 25 at 8:00 pm on Telewizja Republika

    ‘Chosen of the Gods’ is a fictionalized documentary about the Polish mathematician Józef Marcinkiewicz.

    Production: Institute of National Remembrance.

    Learn the story of the Polish mathematical genius and patriot, Józef Marcinkiewicz, murdered during the Katyn massacre by Soviet torturers. Outstanding researchers will tell about his fate, among others. historians, mathematicians, and teachers. The hero’s life is illustrated by fictionalized fragments that help us imagine how much each of the Katyn victims could have left us, in different dimensions. If only they were allowed to live…

    Józef Marcinkiewicz (born March 30, 1910, in Cimoszka, died in 1940 in Kharkiv) – a Polish mathematician, author of works in the field of mathematical analysis, doctor of philosophy, associate professor at the University of Vilnius and second lieutenant of the reserve infantry of the Polish Army.

    Sunday, March 26 at 8.40 a.m. on Telewizja Republika

    ‘Flavours of the forest’ is a new culinary and informative program for lovers of delicious forest cuisine.

    Through culinary experiences, we will discover interesting regions of Poland, emphasize the diversity of our cuisine, and the places where we will appear. Our goal will be not only to present dishes but also to familiarize viewers with interesting people and people involved in forest protection. It is thanks to them that Polish nature pleases the eye of subsequent generations.

    In the program, we will talk about the flavours of the forest and the importance of the forest ecosystem. We will also present ready-made products from the forest (preserves, wasted mushrooms, herbs), which can easily be used in the home kitchen of every housewife. We will introduce the viewers to healthy dishes prepared in a traditional way, based on the original recipes of Karol Kus and Jakub Wolski. The dishes will be prepared surrounded by nature, which will further emphasize their character and taste. In the first program, we will have a culinary adventure with eel skewers on a live fire.

    “By the Wieprz river, surrounded by beautiful Polish nature, we will make an eel. The eel, in just such a way – beautiful, natural, wild, and veeery tasty.”,

    encourages the host of “Flavours of the Forest”, Karol Kus.

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