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    Weber: The EPP Owns the Green Deal – What About Tusk?

    This morning, Manfred Weber, the leader of the European People’s Party (EPP), declared sole ownership of the Green Deal, signalling the party’s determination to spearhead the implementation of the contentious EU policy initiative.

    Weber emphasized, “As the political leader of the EPP, we are the driving force behind the Green Deal. We champion it under the guidance of Ursula von der Leyen. The pivotal decision on the Climate Act, for instance, saw the EPP in favour while the Greens dissented. This underscores our ownership of the initiative. The Green Deal is unequivocally an EPP endeavour, pursued in the interest of future generations.”

    Against a backdrop of widespread farmer protests across Europe, particularly targeting aspects of the Green Deal, concerns have escalated within several EU member states. Recent demonstrations have already compelled the EU to reconsider proposed policies regarding pesticide usage, amplifying apprehensions among various European nations.

    In Poland, scrutiny has turned to Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s response to the farmer protests, given his party’s affiliation with the EPP in the European Parliament. Mariusz Błaszczak, Chairman of the Law and Justice party (PiS), criticized Tusk’s handling of the situation, contrasting it unfavourably with the swift reactions of the previous government under Law and Justice.

    Błaszczak remarked, “Law and Justice, during its tenure, demonstrated prompt responsiveness to issues. However, it appears that Tusk’s coalition is grappling with indecision in addressing the legitimate concerns of farmers, indicative of submissiveness to external pressures. This, I believe, is the crux of the matter – yielding to directives from beyond Poland’s western border.”

    Furthermore, Błaszczak insinuated that Tusk’s affiliation with the EPP might be constraining his actions, stating, “Manfred Weber asserts the EPP’s ownership of the Green Deal. It’s worth noting that both the Civic Platform and the Polish People’s Party are part of the EPP. This elucidates the challenges faced by Tusk’s coalition, with its allegiance to Weber’s directives. Donald Tusk’s administration simply pledges obedience to Weber’s commands.”

    Adding to the pressure, PiS Vice-President Beata Szydło urged Tusk to clarify his stance when European President Ursula von der Leyen visited Warsaw the following day.

    Szydło urged, “As President von der Leyen arrives in Warsaw tomorrow, perhaps this presents an opportune moment for Tusk to articulate, both to her and to the Polish populace, the government’s stance on the Green Deal. Do they endorse it? Can Polish farmers expect support from the government? Or does Tusk believe the Green Deal offers the optimal solution for farmers?”

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