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    What do James Bond & Pawlowice find have in common?

    A World War II-era gun and 50 pieces of ammunition were found during renovation work in the attic of the Experimental Plant in Pawlowice. The weapon was secured by the police. The post-German gun will probably go to a museum.

    The discovery of the gun and ammunition was made during renovation work at the palace complex in Pawlowice in the Leszno district. The find was reported to the Leszno police station’s duty officer on Tuesday, 17 January, at around 2pm.

    Monika Zymełka, spokeswoman for the Leszno police, said that the gun had been preserved in fairly good condition and had been secured for further investigation.

    The Walther PPK is one of the more famous pistols in the world. It was the weapon of 007 agent James Bond. In addition, Adolf Hitler was supposed to commit suicide using this model of pistol.

    The 007 pistol was found with its holster and 50 rounds of 7.65 mm calibre ammunition on Tuesday, January 17, while workers were tearing up wooden floors in the attic of an apartment in the palace complex, which has been unused for 20 years.