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    Wielkopolski National Remembrance Congress Concludes with “Odyssea” Concert

    The Wielkopolski National Remembrance Congress ended with a moving tribute to Polish WWII liberators. IPN President Dr. Karol Nawrocki highlighted the “Trails of Hope. Odyssey of Freedom” project, which shared Poland’s history in 28 languages across five continents.

    Honoring Heroes Through Music

    The “Odyssea” concert, held on June 19, 2024, in Poznań, featured compositions by Henri Seroka, son of a soldier from General Maczek’s 1st Armored Division. Dr. Nawrocki emphasized the importance of remembering those who fought for freedom but couldn’t return to a free Poland.

    Henri Seroka, inspired by his father’s legacy, conveyed through his music the sacrifices of Polish soldiers. Dr. Nawrocki drew parallels between Odysseus’s journey and the soldiers’ struggles, urging continued respect and memory for these heroes.

    The congress also celebrated winners of the IPN Historical Board Games Olympiad. Dr. Nawrocki encouraged youth to appreciate history’s role in shaping identity, underscoring the personal and national significance of remembering the past.

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