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    Will the Car Tax ‘Milestone’ Disappear? – National Recovery Plan To Undergo Revision

    The National Recovery Plan is undergoing a significant revision aimed at maximizing the use of grant funds totaling approximately 25.27 billion euros, according to Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz. Key highlights of the revision include a focus on offshore wind farms, food security, and adjustments to the Clean Air and Green Deal program.

    The plan entails investments in Polish offshore wind farms, emphasizing their role in transforming Poland’s energy mix. Additionally, significant funding is allocated for food security initiatives, with an emphasis on modernizing agriculture and supporting small and medium-sized food processing businesses.

    Changes to the Clean Air and Green Deal program are also on the horizon, with an emphasis on enhancing energy efficiency and reducing emissions. Importantly, discussions are underway to remove a milestone related to introducing a tax on combustion engine cars from the plan.

    The revision aims to ensure that projects funded under the National Reconstruction Plan are sustainable and beneficial for future generations. Furthermore, adjustments will be made to accommodate the needs of local governments, and deadlines for green transport initiatives will be extended.

    Following social consultations, the revised plan will undergo review by the Monitoring Committee and then be presented to the Council of Ministers for approval before submission to the European Commission.

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