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    Winter Break in Poland: Safe and Exciting Adventures Await!

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    Polish winter break begins, with over 112,000 students set for adventures. Safety tips and online resources for worry-free travel.

    This Monday marks the start of winter break for students in four Polish provinces: Lower Silesia, Mazovia, Opole, and West Pomerania. Over 1.4 million children will enjoy the break, part of a nationwide hiatus for 4.8 million students across 21,000 schools.

    Travel and Leisure Database

    The Ministry of National Education hosts an online platform,, offering details on winter break trips. Organizers have submitted 5,421 excursions, with over 112,000 students set to explore—103,000 domestically and 9,000 abroad. Safety checks are facilitated through registration.

    Safety First

    Parents are urged to report issues or irregularities in their children’s vacations to education authorities or emergency services. Safety guidelines for winter activities, prepared by the Ministry, emphasize responsible outdoor play and adherence to road safety rules.

    Since the 2003/2004 school year, winter break timing has varied cyclically, preventing travel congestion. Emphasizing safety, this system ensures smooth vacations for students nationwide.

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