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    Wisła Kraków Issues Boycott Threat for Polish Cup Final: PZPN Responds

    Wisła Kraków’s first-league footballers have secured a spot in the Polish Cup final. However, doubts have arisen about whether their fans will be able to attend the decisive match in Warsaw. President of the “White Star” club, Jarosław Królewski, announced that the match would take place with fans from Krakow or not at all. This declaration was met with a response from the president of the Polish Football Association (PZPN), Cezary Kulesza.

    In the eighth-finals of the Polish Cup several months ago, Wisła faced Motor in Lublin. The match ended with a 1-0 victory for the hosts, but the visiting fans ignited pyrotechnics and threw several flares onto the pitch, resulting in disciplinary action from the PZPN. This punishment, a ban on away matches for the organized fan group for two Cup matches, still stands, as the Krakow team has played all matches at their own stadium this season.

    Now, the question arises: will Wisła be allowed to bring their fans to the final? According to the Cup regulations, the winner of the first drawn pair hosts the final match, in this case, Pogoń Szczecin. However, both clubs receive around 10,000 tickets each for distribution. President Królewski has expressed determination to resolve the issue positively, even threatening to forfeit the final if Wisła fans are not admitted.

    In response to Królewski’s ultimatum, PZPN President Kulesza assured that Wisła Kraków could count on openness from the association but emphasized the need to abide by existing formal procedures. Meanwhile, tensions rise as first-league clubs, influenced by their own fan groups, refuse entry to Wisła supporters, citing incidents of violence, further complicating the situation surrounding the upcoming final.

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