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    Women in Tech Summit 2024: A Landmark Event for Women in IT

    Women in Tech Summit 2024, Europe’s largest conference for women in IT, kicked off in Warsaw, drawing over 10,000 tech experts from 80 countries. This year’s theme, “tech-life balance,” explores making technology more user-friendly. Key topics include quantum computing, human-machine interaction, neurodiversity, data science, AI and machine learning, deep tech, cloud solutions, digital ecology, and cybersecurity.

    The summit features numerous workshops, mentoring sessions, and Europe’s largest tech job fair, catering to professionals at all career stages. Attendees can also witness Poland’s first quantum computer in action, highlighting the event’s emphasis on cutting-edge technology.

    The event aims to encourage women to pursue STEM careers, promote gender equality, and showcase women’s achievements in science and technology. A special report, “Women in Science,” will be unveiled, providing valuable insights into women’s participation in STEM research.

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