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    Woodland Easter customs

    Quite soon we will gather around the table for our Easter breakfast, a time filled with associations of vibrant Easter eggs, adorable lambs, fluffy chicks, and playful bunnies. However, one might wonder: will fortune smile upon you with an encounter with the Easter Bunny during a stroll through the forest?

    Palm trees have miraculous powers on Easter

    The records of the forestry press of the inter-war period tell us that on Ash Wednesday, people plucked and formed branches of willow, raspberry, or currant into bouquets. Later, they were blessed on Palm Sunday in church. 

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    Easter Sunday – keeping traditions of the foresters alive

    The joyful character of Easter Sunday was reflected in regional dances. The holiday has its origins in the coming of spring and the rebirth of nature. Nature, like Jesus Christ, rises in spring. The day becomes longer, the weather gets warmer, the trees grow leaves and the animals mate with each other. It’s simply a time of joy. Beautiful, centuries-old traditions deserve to be preserved and nurtured.

    Will you meet the Easter ‘bunny’ while walking in the forest?

    In Poland, one of the common sightings is the brown hare, typically found in open areas such as meadows and fields. Unlike rabbits, hares don’t construct burrows; instead, they seek out hollows for resting, which are known as forms. These creatures display a fearlessness towards water, readily swimming across rivers when necessary. As symbols of spring, their presence is particularly notable during this season’s emergence. Hares give birth to their offspring, fully developed and adorned with thick fur, as early as March.

    The tradition of the Easter hare bringing gifts to Poland originated in Germany. According to the tradition, the hare, carrying a basket, would visit homes the day before Easter and hide colorful eggs in gardens. On Easter morning, children would eagerly hunt for these eggs. Over time, the tradition evolved from eggs to chocolates and eventually to presents. Nevertheless, it remains a delightful custom encouraging outdoor activities. It’s worth noting that the Easter bunny’s surprises aren’t limited to backyard gardens but can be found in various places, adding to the joy of the occasion.

    We encourage you! Let’s go to the woods during the holidays to get healthy, and maybe you will spot an Easter bunny, or hare in Poland, in the meadows! 

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