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    Wroclaw University of Technology Shines in International Space Probe Competition

    Students from Wroclaw University of Technology triumphed in the CanSat Competition, securing first and third place among 33 global teams. The winning Aerospace student team achieved an impressive 99.86% of the possible points. The competition, held from June 6 to 9 in Monterey, Virginia, challenged teams to build small space probes meeting stringent technical criteria.

    Successful Mission Execution

    Each probe, about 14 cm in diameter and 40 cm in length, was launched to approximately 750 meters. It then collected telemetry data and activated a landing signal. The probes had to measure speed and pressure while ensuring the safety of a “passenger” – a raw egg that had to survive the intense launch and landing forces of up to 30 g. Durability for reuse was also crucial.

    Engineering Excellence Recognized

    Michał Ciepielski from Wroclaw University of Technology highlighted the Aerospace team’s previous achievements: second place last year and fourth place two years ago. This year, the KoNaR student team earned third place, with their probe executing a flawless mission and a perfect parachute landing. The competition was organized by the American Astronautical Society and sponsored by NASA and technology firms.

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