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    Young Frightened Elk Rescued from Fire Tank with the Combined Efforts of Emergency Services

    Ostrowia Mazowiecka, Poland – in a heartwarming display of teamwork and compassion, local authorities joined forces to save a young elk that had fallen into a fire tank and was unable to free itself. Thanks to the coordinated efforts of various services, the distressed animal was successfully liberated and given a chance to regain its freedom.

    It all began on a Saturday afternoon when the duty officer at the Ostrowia Mazowiecka Police Department received a call reporting a young elk trapped in a fire tank located on Warszawska Street. Upon arrival, police officers found firefighters attempting to assist the animal in escaping from the tank. However, the frightened elk proved uncooperative, responding to every approach with heightened stress and unpredictable reactions.

    KPP Ostrowia Mazowiecka

    Recognizing the need to ensure the elk’s well-being, the duty officer made the decision to seek assistance from Deputy County Veterinary Officer Małgorzata Bąkiewicz-Kietlińska, local veterinarian Antoni Sołowiński, and Sławomir Suchty, the longstanding owner of the Bąkówka shelter. Under the supervision of the veterinarian, a calming agent was administered to the animal, allowing for a joint effort to extract it from the water. The elk was then given a chance to recuperate in a peaceful environment.

    Mayor of Ostrowia Mazowiecka, who played a key role in the rescue operation, generously covered the costs associated with administering the calming agent to the elk.

    The presence of wildlife within urban areas is no longer an uncommon sight. However, it is important to note that these animals may still be wild and unfamiliar with human interaction. A frightened animal can pose a danger to well-intentioned individuals attempting to assist it. In such situations, it is crucial to notify the appropriate authorities, as they possess the expertise and resources necessary to provide the required aid to the animal.

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